What can I expect in the worship gathering?

Intense boredom punctuated by periods of complete chaos. Oh my, let's hope that's NEVER the case! Our goal is that you will be greeted by warm, friendly people and will enjoy a relaxed, enthusiastic atmosphere surrounding a message that's centered in the Bible and relevant to your life and today's world. We sing, we pray, we talk, we laugh and we hang out as we connect with God and each other. The worship service lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. 


Can I wear what I want?

As long as you wear something, you'll be fine!  Some people dress up, some don't. Whatever you're comfortable wearing is great. It's really not a big deal. 


Wait a minute. Your name says you're Baptist. All that doesn't sound very "Baptist" to me.

Yes, we get what you may be thinking. If you're picturing "Baptist" as uptight folks singing old, outdated music and dutifully paying attention to a fire and brimstone, "right between the eyes", sermon, well... that's not us. We are intent on following Jesus for sure, but we enjoy life, each other and our relationship with God. 
We do sing some traditional hymns, but most of our music is modern. What makes us Baptist is that when someone decides to follow Jesus, we baptize them in enough water to completely cover them for a brief moment.


What do I do with my kids?

We have NO idea! Just kidding... Actually, we know just what to do - Bring them with you! Chldren's Sunday School is offered at 9:30 and Godzone Kids! meets during the worship service. Both experiences connect your kids with adults who are bent on providing a safe, fun environment for children to learn how much God loves them in a way that's fun and makes sense to them. A warm, caring nursery environment is provided at both the 9:30 and 10:30 hours for infants and children through three years old. 


Am I welcome if I don't believe what you believe?

Yes, you are absolutely, one hundred percent welcome. We hope you'll be open to exploring your questions about God, otherwise, you probably wouldn't be thinking about coming here. But we do believe that there is a God and that He loves you, so how can we not welcome you warmly? We hope that whatever you do or don't believe, your experience at Covenant is genuinely meaningful and enjoyable. If that's not the case, we've messed up somewhere. 

Okay, so what do you believe?

We believe several things, actually. 





frequently asked questions... (or stuff you may be wondering about)